Jul 262011

It’s good to be home in hot, humid Georgia. From California to Georgia to Virginia back to Georgia, all in one week. California was an adventure, but it was time to go home, and deposit most of the young olives along the way.

The youngest olive was left in California with Mr. Olive Crazy for guy bonding, the second was dropped in Atlanta to get ready for college, the third in Virginia, and the fourth remained in my possession. As soon as we got home for good, my daughter announced how relieved she was to be home in the humid south. I thought she was kidding, but no. She really meant it. It seems that she too was missing an essential ingredient of the hot Georgia summers – moisture.

My daughter, who is 15, told me that she had become very dry and crackily out west and was concerned she might start looking old. “Welcome to my life,” I thought. I told her about my problems out west with dry, tight, itchy skin and how I even wrote an article about Dad and I using Henley Natural Shea Butter Cream with extra virgin olive oil. She asked if I had any left. I had to tell her that I left the jar with Dad, who needed it worse. “Hmm,” she grunted at me.

We didn’t talk anymore about dry skin until this afternoon when we were getting ready to go to the craft store. My daughter has decided the rest of her summer will be best used making bracelets. She put on a cute pair of shorts and said she needed to moisturize her legs, then asked where I kept the olive oil. I was proud.

May the sun shine through your branches.


Jul 112011

Way back in April, when I was attending the Georgia Olive Grower’s Association Spring Seminar, my friend and sometime Olive Crazy contributor, Steve Henley, presented me with a jar of his, Henley Natural Shea Butter Hand and Body Cream. I tried it right away and noticed it made my hands wonderfully silky. Steve seemed really pleased that I noticed and said that the Cream was also a quarter extra virgin olive oil. He also let me know that regular olive oil can often be greasy, but not extra virgin olive oil.

I then put the jar in my car console and used it whenever I was driving, then, sorry Steve, I forgot about it altogether. Until … I reached California.

Being from the southeastern United States, I am used to a certain amount of moisture in the air, even a lot of humidity. What I didn’t realize is how that atmospheric moisture kept this middle-aged woman, aka Olive Crazy, from entering mummification while still alive.

When I got to California I didn’t notice what was going on right away. I intermittently complained to Mr. Olive Crazy that my skin hurt and wasn’t looking too good. He is the one that told me that there was less moisture in the air than I was used to. Since I was “on the road” I didn’t have my full complement of potions and lotions and used the brand X stuff I found among the family toiletries. It just didn’t do the job.

One night I decided to clean out the mess that accumulated in the car from our cross-country trip. As I went through each compartment removing crushed cans and crumbled papers I re-found the jar of Henley Natural Shea Butter Cream. Hallelujah I thought. I went staight upstairs took a shower and joyfully rubbed in the wonderful Shea Butter elixir. I was saved.

I have a few more weeks before I reach home, and my Shea Butter Cream is growing smaller and smaller. I hope I make it home in time to order some more before I run out.

May the sun shine through your branches.