Jan 142013

by Tahni Segars

I’m still thinking about my New Year’s resolutions. Should I base them on what I accomplished in 2012? Probably not, since my track record isn’t stellar. I had, like always, the best of intentions, but those 365 days just flew by.

When resolution time rolls around again I typically think of adding improvements to my life: a gym membership, a cooking class, more time with family. But adding activities is not the only way to tackle 2013.

Another way to usher in positive change is through removal. By subtracting some of the bad from life and make it a little easier, and I think I’ll start by removing some of life’s difficulties with olive oil.

Remove paint from skin and hair

Whether painting for craft time or soulful meditation, after a day of paintbrush wielding, I usually end up covered in the hues of my palette. It’s under fingernails, behind ears and it highlights my hair. Instead of spending an hour with just soapy water, I’ll pull out the olive oil. A scrubbing with olive oil and a little salt or sugar will make the paint come right off my skin. And while highlights are usually a highly sought-after feature, acrylics are not the best way to achieve that desired salon look. So instead of harsh chemicals and over-soaping my hair I’ll gently rub in olive oil and work out the paint.

Remove eye makeup

On New Year’s Eve across the world there were surely layers of eye makeup artfully added to many women’s’ lids and lashes. Whether it was a smoky eye or glitz and glam, olive oil can be a savior at the end of the night. Dab some olive oil on a cotton ball, swipe gently and watch the shadow, liner and mascara come right off. Even waterproof makeup doesn’t stand a chance.

Remove stickers

It could be an errant scratch-and-sniff your child plastered to the fridge or a stubborn label that no amount of scraping and cursing can remove. Perhaps you’ve come across a sticker with that annoying residue that’s gooey enough to haunt you in your sleep. Dab a little olive oil onto the sticky offender. After letting it sit a few minutes, the sticker will peel right off.

Remove chewing gum from hair

It’s every mom’s worst nightmare: A blob of pink bubble gum stuck with ferocity in your child’s hair. Save your child the trauma of the cut-it-out technique and apply olive oil to the gum and surrounding locks. Leave alone for 5 to 10 minutes then pull the wad out.

Remove squeaks from doors

Battle squeaky doors and hinges by adding a little olive oil. Olive oil is a pet and child-friendly household lubricant.

Remove snoring frustrations

And now for the ultimate of olive oil’s miracle removal powers – snoring. Ditch the earplugs, the nose strips and the mid-slumber partner nudge. Taking a sip of olive oil before bed might be the restful answer to the sleepless night. Olive oil gently lubricates throat tissues to help quiet the nighttime bellows.

Instead of pouring on the things-to-do in 2013, I resolve to remove some of my burdens – with olive oil.

May the sun shine through your branches.


Sep 252012

Here is a link to a Dr. Oz video segment on olive oil for health and beauty.

Dr. Oz cheerily/maniacally gives a lesson in the use of monounsaturated fats (MUFAs) for protecting our bodies against the build up of arterial plaque. His demonstration using plastic tubing, beads, and olive oil could lead anyone to deduce that any oil will work to wash away those nasty little plaque beads stuck to the interior of our personal plastic tubes – not so. It’s the miracle of chemical reactions that does this, but hey it’s a nifty science fair project.

From a personal testimonial standpoint I wish I could say that I stopped taking my cholesterol meds while following some great olive oil diet, but I can’t. I eat extra virgin olive oil on everything and I mean everything, but I am also predisposed to high cholesterol (thanks Mom’s side of the family), and I do not watch what I eat. Perhaps the French would call me a gourmand: a person who loves good food and eats too much of it. Please don’t mistake this word with gourmet or Brother Richard will throw an eraser at you. In case you are wondering, Brother Richard aka Frere Richard was my high school French teacher – rest his soul.

I can, however, testify to the beneficial use of extra virgin olive oil for shaving my legs (so smooth) and to using evoo in my hair (after washing – so smooth). Olive oil is the best.

May the sun shine through your branches.


Mar 232011

This article is for men and women. I want to make sure the guys don’t get left out. Beauty treatments are for all, and olive oil makes everyone look good and feel great too.

Olive oil has been used for millennia to beautify, cleanse, and treat the human body from cradle to grave. Newborns had their first baths in olive oil; women mixed colored clays with olive oil to adorn themselves; men oiled their bodies, steamed themselves, and then scraped the impurities from their skins; and the dead were mummified with many ingredients including olive oil.

Recently we have seen an increase in olive oil as a base in health and beauty products. Today I’m going to focus not on those products but on using olive oil right out of the bottle or can. Some of the treatments use additional products like sugar and essential oils, but no fancy stuff. You should be able to get most items at your local grocery and drugstore. For each treatment I will suggest which grade of olive oil to use. Extra virgin olive oil has a stronger scent and unless you are using it in a treatment that will be removed before you venture out of your house smelling like dinner, I suggest virgin or olive oil for any application you will be “wearing” in public. Also, if you are going to make a habit of these treatments, buy separate bottles of oil for kitchen and bath, or decant some of your kitchen stash into a glass bottle to keep in the bathroom.

Olive Oil Treatments

  1. Makeup remover. Extra virgin olive oil is good for this one. Put enough oil to remove all makeup in a small glass bowl or teacup. Run hot water into the basin and set bowl or cup in hot water. Let oil warm up a bit. Don’t let it get hot though. Using clean fingers dip in oil and massage areas of face covered by foundation or blush, dip a cotton ball in oil and gently remove eye makeup, if there is still some mascara around the eye use an olive oil soaked cotton swab. Now this next part is up to you, either wipe off the rest of your face with cotton pads or skip straight to washing your face as you would normally. Repeat if there is any makeup remaining. Blot dry with clean towel.
  2. Extra dry skin treatment. Before going to bed soak affected area in warm water, lightly dry, and apply extra virgin olive oil. Cover up with non-constricting cotton clothes, gloves, and socks. In the morning cleanse using non-drying products, and apply a thin layer of virgin or olive oil. Try out different types to see which one has an odor you can make it through the day wearing (smelling).
  3. Dry and ashy skin treatment. Use virgin or olive oil on damp skin and massage well. If you prefer, select an essential oil of your choosing and add a few drops to olive oil you have decanted into a glass bottle for this purpose. You know what you like and in what scent strength. Experiment until you create your own special blend. If it’s great, find a market and sell it.
  4. Shaving lubricant. Warm any type olive oil you prefer including one that you’ve added essential oils to and massage into area you will be shaving. If you have coarse hair or are shaving your beard, use a warm, wet cloth to soften hairs before adding warm oil. Shave and rinse with warm water. There is really no need to wash off the olive oil – massage it into your skin and blot with a clean towel.
  5. Hair mask. Whether your scalp is dry, normal or oily your hair needs some love and an olive oil mask is just that. Definitely use extra virgin olive oil. Warm the oil in the sink or in the microwave. Do not let the oil get hot. Begin applying to the tips of your hair and work up to the roots. Finish by massaging oil into your scalp. Cover with a plastic shower cap to keep the warmth in and after no less than ten minutes (I prefer at least an hour so the abundant anti-oxidants in the extra virgin olive oil do their work too) shampoo, condition, and style as normal.
  6. Hair conditioner. Here is a great video on making your own conditioner. It is one of my favorites since it also makes me laugh. Follow the link to Homemade Olive Oil Conditioner.
  7. Lip scrub. In a small glass or tea cup mix 1 tsp sugar and 1/2 tsp olive oil. Apply mix to soft toothbrush, scrub lips, rinse, and blot dry. Go kiss someone.
  8. Lip conditioner. Put one drop on a clean finger. Rub on your lips. It lasts longer than lip gloss.

I must say I love these treatments. I use all of them and with great results.

May the sun shine through your branches.