Jun 162014

I’m fascinated by bonsai, but like a typical American I’ve got a tiny attention span. Creating bonsai, the proper way, requires a bunch of tools and techniques. I find myself getting bored with all the styling and frequent tool changing. Yawn!

These three olive tree bonsai videos are part of a sequence and are easy to follow. TheBonsaiStudent‘s YouTube channel is where I found these videos. There are also many more on his YT channel about creating great-looking tiny trees from all kinds of plants. If you’re into bonsai they’re worth a look.

Video 1 – Initial Shaping

Video 2 – Final Pruning

Video 3 – Root Pruning and Potting

May the sun shine through your small, shapely branches.


Mar 262011

I found a great video on pruning a bonsai olive tree. I really enjoyed this video and especially the baby cooing in the background.

The video is called “Olive Tree Bonsai” and is filmed in sunny California where olives are grown for commercial use.

I am not certain which variety is featured in the video but I bet it looks quite pretty when it’s blooming, and beautiful when fruiting.

Even if you are new to bonsai, some of the comments are quite useful.

May the sun shine through your bonsai’d branches.