Sep 052011

This past week I emailed birthday wishes to my former college roommate; Carthage, Tunisia housemate; and dear globetrotting friend, Katie. We haven’t seen each other for decades but are waiting until one day we can escape kids and responsibility and meet up again. That time is drawing near so we started planning.

I suggested Europe and she suggested our first meeting should be at her favorite restaurant in the world, Oliva, in the Vysehrad neighborhood in Prague. Katie wrote that in addition to great food they start off your meal with a basket of fresh baked bread and a worldly variety of extra virgin olive oils for dipping. Olive Crazy could not be more thrilled. What a great location for rejuvenating a friendship.

Here is the link to Oliva Restaurant and Cafe. I checked out the website very thoroughly and was surprised at how much I could understand without activating Google translator. I love the interior decor and the exterior murals are charming. Yes, the food pictures look great too but I prefer to sample the dishes before passing judgment.

If you have been to Oliva or are planning a visit, let me know. I’d love your report.

May the sun shine through your branches.