Apr 232013

During Bill Clinton’s first presidential run the phrase “it’s the economy stupid” was created and popularized by Clinton’s campaign manager, James Carville. It was Carville’s way of telling folks not to take their eyes off the ball and to focus on what was immediate and important, albeit in an attention-getting manner.

Lately there has been much ado in the media about the cardio health research published this past February in the New England Journal of Medicine. Some media outlets got the conclusions of the study wrong and then published them. Other media outlets who don’t write original pieces anyway and can’t be bothered to do research republished the incorrect stories. Now “Study finds that olive oil cures heart disease” stories abound on the internet.

I am certainly a major fan of olive oil and its health benefits, but temper my enthusiasm with fact checking. This is truly better for both the olive oil industry and for consumers.

Olive oil (unrefined) is a component of the Mediterranean Diet. In order to reap the benefits found in the study mentioned above folks must actually follow the Mediterranean Diet. The diet consists of eating, in varying portions:

  • grains, vegetables & fruits
  • olives & olive oil
  • nuts, beans, legumes & seeds
  • herbs & spices
  • cheese & yogurt
  • fish & shellfish
  • eggs
  • meats
  • wine
  • water

The types of food to eat are not the entire picture for the Mediterranean Diet. Also recommended by Oldways (this is a great website), a nonprofit that promotes “Health Through Heritage,” are certain controls and lifestyle choices. They are:

  • portion size
  • moderation
  • healthy lifestyle habits
  • meals in the company of others

Whether you or someone you love is suffering from cardiovascular disease or would like to eat well without feeling like you are being tortured, follow the Mediterranean Diet. It’s this healthy, delicious way of eating and pleasant lifestyle that is good for you, your heart, and your well being.

May the sun shine through your branches.


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Dec 072011

This post is just a picture. I thought I would expound on the benefits of the Mediterranean Diet, then thought why not let the picture of the Mediterranean Diet Pyramid be your guide. It’s attractive and easy to follow.

Thanks to Oldways for letting me reprint the Pyramid. There’s lots of great information about healthy eating on their website. After you study the Pyramid don’t forget to check out the Oldways website.

The Mediterranean Diet Pyramid reprinted with permission of © 2009 Oldways Preservation & Exchange Trust

May the sun shine through your branches.