Sep 162011

The US olive harvest will begin soon and it will be small, see the National Agricultural Statistics Service, 2011 California Olive Probability Survey Report and their August 2011 edition of the California Fruit & Nut Review. Despite the grim news, there are still some great California olive oils left from the 2010 – 2011 harvest.

If you would like to support your US olive grower (at least the ones from CA since this certification applies only to CA) and would like to be certain you are getting an extra virgin olive oil that meets high standards, then look for the COOC Certified Extra Virgin Seal on your bottle of olive oil.

The purpose of the COOC Certification Program is to:

• Provide producers and marketers with a standardized method of grading their 100% California olive oil as extra virgin.
• Provide consumers with assurance that the oil they purchase is, in fact, extra virgin.
• Provide producers and marketers, who meet the certification standard, with a means of distinguishing their products in the marketplace.

Some of the requirements that must be met to obtain the certification and wear the Seal are:

• Mechanical extraction without chemicals or excessive heat;
• The oil is less than .5% free oleic acid; and
• There are positive taste elements and no taste defects, as determined during a blind tasting.

It’s a tall order, but worth it to the consumer and even the restauranteur who wants to provide excellent, quality dishes that make folks want to come back for more.

Now for the list of 2011 California Olive Oil Council Certified Extra Virgin Seal holders. I have removed some of the information you will get by following the “list” link in the previous sentence, but kept the name of the company and any contact information they have. Depending where you live, you may find some of these company brands on your grocery shelves or available online.

Adobe Springs

Allure Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil

AlphaWolf Estate

Alta Cresta Orchard

Apollo Olive Oil

Araujo Estate Winery Olive Oil


Bari Olive Oil

Bava Family Grove

Bassetti Vineyards

Bella Sun Luci

Berkeley Olive Grove 1913

Big Paw Olive Oil

Blue Skies

Bozzano Olive Ranch

Brandoil Inc.

B.R. Cohn Winery

California Gold Olive Oil Company

California Olive Oil Company

California Olive Ranch

Calivirgin-Coldani Olive Ranch


Capay Oaks Farm

Carriage Vineyards

Casa Pau Hana Estate

Chacewater Olive Mill

Chapel Hill Vineyard

Clif Family Farm

Collina di Mela

Constellation Wines

Corto Olive Oil

Counsel Oaks

Cumae Ranch

Deer Creek

Dolce Paradiso

Drazek Olive Ranch

Dream America, LLC

Dutch Henry Winery

Edge Hill Vineyards


Elixir Olive Oil

Enterprise Vineyards

Fandango Olive Oil

Figueroa Farms–>

Fontanella Olive Oil

Gloria Ferrer Winery
Sonoma Estate

Green Valley Olive

Grove 45

Guerra Groves

Harris Ranch-Napa Valley

Hillcrest Ranch

Hillstone Olive Oil Company

Homestead Olive Ranch

Il Fiorello Olive Oil Company

Jaeger Family Estate

Jordan Winery

Joseph Phelps Winery

Jovia Groves

Kamen Estate Wines


Kiler Ridge Olive Farm

La Brezza

La Ferme Soleil

La Rusticana D’Orso

Le Colline di Santa Cruz

Lone Oak Estate

Long Meadow Ranch

Lucero Olive Oil

Mardesich Estate

McEvoy Ranch

Merchant’s and Miller’s

Milagros Napa Valley

Moose Valley Estate

Moulds Family Vineyard

Mt. Veeder Springs

Napa Valley Reserve

Old Chatham Ranch

Olio Bello d’Olivo

Olio Nuevo

Olivas de Oro

Olive Hill Farm

Oliveto del Vecchio


The Olive Press

Olive U Oil

Owens Creek

Pacific Sun Farms

Panacea Farms

Pasolivo Olive Oil


Pine Mountain Olive Farm

Preston Vineyards

Prince Olive Estancia

Rancho del Cielo Malibu

Regency Olive Ranch

Roanti Ranch

Robbins Family Farm

Roccia Viva

Round Pound Estate

S & G Estate

Salute! of California

Schmidt Olive Ranch

Sisar Creek

Sister Julie’s Organic Olive Oil

Sky Ranch

Stonehouse California Olive Oil

Suncoast Organic

Sunset Olive Grove

Sutter Buttes Olive Ranch

Tablas Creek Organic

Talcott Olive Oil

Tallgrass Ranch

Terra Bella Vista Estate

Terrace Hill Olive Company

Tiber Canyon Ranch

Tres Osos Olive Oil

Val di Luna Farms

Villa Paradiso

Wente family Estates

Windrock Estates

Winterhill Estate

May the sun shine through your branches.