Jun 162011

Olive Crazy and the young Olives are on vacation, crossing the country headed for California, real olives, and olive oil (wine too). I’ve packed some summer reading – one is an old favorite and the other, I hope with be a new one.

The old favorite is, Under the Tuscan Sun, by former Georgian, Frances Mayes. The book is way better than the movie which, besides fictionalizing the story, doesn’t have the olive tree tending, olive harvesting, pressing, and of course eating parts – the best parts. The descriptions Frances Mayes uses are so vivid I feel like I’m right there with her.

The other book is Carol Drinkwater‘s, The Olive Farm. It is described as, “A Memoir of Life, Love and Olive Oil in the South of France.” I hope it’s good. If it is, I will tackle the rest of her “Olive” stories. By the way, she is also the actress who played Helen, the wife of James Herriot in “All Creatures Great and Small”.  One of my sisters was addicted to that show.

Gotta go read.

May the sun shine through your branches.