Olive Crazy: All About Olives and Olive Oil
May 032013
Bob Krueger and Sam Shaw at Georgia Olive Farms

Bob Krueger and Sam Shaw at Georgia Olive Farms

I met Bob Krueger several years ago at the first big meeting of the Georgia Olive Growers Association and have seen and spoken with him on subsequent occasions. He is a nice man.

Over the years, Bob has worked alongside other Georgia olive growers to make the best of a new and exciting food opportunity for our state. He even went toe to toe with the USDA about the subject and won. I’ve spoken to Bob about his ‘meeting’ with the USDA and he is very modest about his success. “I just gave them the information they needed and they made the right decision,” he told me last year.

Back in 2010 Bob started planting olives and by 2011 he had two sites. Now Bob has 22 acres of olive trees planted and in a few years will produce extra virgin olive oil.

I ran across a recent news article about Bob and his olive growing efforts from Channel 41 WMGT in Macon and Warner Robins Georgia. The article is entitled “Olives Soon To Be The New ‘Peach’ For Georgia?” Here is the news video.

May the sun shine through your branches.


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