Olive Crazy: All About Olives and Olive Oil
May 012013

If you live in Georgia and want to start a food business or are planning on starting a food business in Georgia, this class is a MUST GO. The class is not taught very often and is chock full of absolutely necessary information. There are seats left and the discounted hotel block ends on May 6th. Registration for the course ends tomorrow, the 2nd.


Here is the link to the class brochure on the University of Georgia Agriculture Extension Services website, Starting a New Food Business in Georgia.

UPDATE: Since publishing this article, UGA sent me a better link for registering for the class. Here it is – https://estore.uga.edu/C21653_ustores/web/store_cat.jsp?STOREID=42&CATID=205. Notice that there are even classes coming at the end of the year.

May the sun shine through your branches.


  3 Responses to ““Start a Food Business in Georgia” Class on May 15 and 16 in Tifton Georgia”

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  1. Thanks, Mary, for giving us such a nice “plug”!

    We’ve had a wonderful response to the new format for this workshop – 2 days instead of 1 & lots of opportunities to network with other food entrepreneurs as well as representatives from FDA & the Georgia Department of Agriculture.

    See you in Tifton!

    • Those networking opportunities are so necessary to new food business entrepreneurs. I am looking forward to the class.


  2. Every one of us should read the tips to start a new business !!
    I know this information would definitely help all the business beginners!!
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