Olive Crazy: All About Olives and Olive Oil
Mar 212013

Olive Crazy owes you some articles. My day job as medical stop-loss lobbyist extraordinaire and some olive-related research have kept me from writing much. Here are some things I’ve been doing and can’t wait to tell you about.

  • Extra virgin olive oil sampling and meeting with Atlanta area olive oil tasting bar owners at Strippaggio, VSOP Tap Room, and at Oli & Ve. Great oils and great people.
  • Studying olive cultivars (boy are there a lot of them).
  • Keeping up with the latest goings on at Georgia Olive Farms and sampling another of the Shaw family’s tasty foods, Gayla’s Grits.
  • Tasting extra virgin olive oils off the shelf at my local grocery store. Unfortunately this is a sad story so get out your hanky.
  • On the happy side, tasting Thessaly organic extra virgin olive oil from Greece.
  • And in good southern U.S. tradition, some evangelizing about olive oil and growing olives.

Until then, may the sun shine through your branches.


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