Olive Crazy: All About Olives and Olive Oil
Jan 142013

by Tahni Segars

I’m still thinking about my New Year’s resolutions. Should I base them on what I accomplished in 2012? Probably not, since my track record isn’t stellar. I had, like always, the best of intentions, but those 365 days just flew by.

When resolution time rolls around again I typically think of adding improvements to my life: a gym membership, a cooking class, more time with family. But adding activities is not the only way to tackle 2013.

Another way to usher in positive change is through removal. By subtracting some of the bad from life and make it a little easier, and I think I’ll start by removing some of life’s difficulties with olive oil.

Remove paint from skin and hair

Whether painting for craft time or soulful meditation, after a day of paintbrush wielding, I usually end up covered in the hues of my palette. It’s under fingernails, behind ears and it highlights my hair. Instead of spending an hour with just soapy water, I’ll pull out the olive oil. A scrubbing with olive oil and a little salt or sugar will make the paint come right off my skin. And while highlights are usually a highly sought-after feature, acrylics are not the best way to achieve that desired salon look. So instead of harsh chemicals and over-soaping my hair I’ll gently rub in olive oil and work out the paint.

Remove eye makeup

On New Year’s Eve across the world there were surely layers of eye makeup artfully added to many women’s’ lids and lashes. Whether it was a smoky eye or glitz and glam, olive oil can be a savior at the end of the night. Dab some olive oil on a cotton ball, swipe gently and watch the shadow, liner and mascara come right off. Even waterproof makeup doesn’t stand a chance.

Remove stickers

It could be an errant scratch-and-sniff your child plastered to the fridge or a stubborn label that no amount of scraping and cursing can remove. Perhaps you’ve come across a sticker with that annoying residue that’s gooey enough to haunt you in your sleep. Dab a little olive oil onto the sticky offender. After letting it sit a few minutes, the sticker will peel right off.

Remove chewing gum from hair

It’s every mom’s worst nightmare: A blob of pink bubble gum stuck with ferocity in your child’s hair. Save your child the trauma of the cut-it-out technique and apply olive oil to the gum and surrounding locks. Leave alone for 5 to 10 minutes then pull the wad out.

Remove squeaks from doors

Battle squeaky doors and hinges by adding a little olive oil. Olive oil is a pet and child-friendly household lubricant.

Remove snoring frustrations

And now for the ultimate of olive oil’s miracle removal powers – snoring. Ditch the earplugs, the nose strips and the mid-slumber partner nudge. Taking a sip of olive oil before bed might be the restful answer to the sleepless night. Olive oil gently lubricates throat tissues to help quiet the nighttime bellows.

Instead of pouring on the things-to-do in 2013, I resolve to remove some of my burdens – with olive oil.

May the sun shine through your branches.


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