Nov 082012

The Tunisian olive harvest begins next week and will continue for three months. Their olive oil production will increase by 60,000 tons from 2011 production levels.

I am a big fan of Tunisian olive oil. It was a staple for all my meals while I lived there and it was fantastic.

Unfortunately Tunisia’s olive oil industry has found itself a victim of European trade barriers. Tunisians find themselves forced to sell their oil to European producers who then mix Europe-grown olive oils with Tunisian oils, bottle them in Italy, and sell them as Italian oil.

This is one of the ways the European olive oil producers keep most of the profits in Europe and still get their outrageous land and per bottle government subsidies from the European Union. When you hear EU countries whining about US trade barriers to ‘their’ olive oil, just remember that’s what they do to all other olive oil producing countries.

The EU olive oil exporters are greedy. They take advantage of olive growers and other olive oil producers and then complain that the billions they make just aren’t enough. How ever will they keep themselves in grappa and cigars?

Tunisia expects olive oil crop to rise 33 percent | News by Country | Reuters

May the sun shine through your branches.