Olive Crazy: All About Olives and Olive Oil
Sep 302012

From the Jordan News Agency in Petra: Olive farmers, mill owners warn sector will suffer from “illegally” imported “fake” oil

“Amman, Sept 30 (Petra) — Jordanian olive oil producers and mill owners on Sunday urged authorities to crackdown on what they say is illegally imported olive oil into the Kingdom.

They warned that the sector will “deteriorate” due to smuggling of thousands of tons of olive oil from Syria, most of which is adulterated, but is highly competitive with locally-produced oil, urging strict government control.

President of the Olive Press Owners and Producers Association Enad Fayez told a press conference that glutting the local market with adulterated oils would affect the marketing power of Jordanian oil products as producers are already hit by stagnation and rising production cost and are worried about the “collapse” of their investment.

Fayez told reporters that a factory in East Amman refills “low quality” olive oil imported from Syria and labels it with various origins, warning that the situation will get worse unless government agencies put curbs on such practices or oil presses would close.

Jordan produced an average of between 25,000-35,000 tons of olive oil annually. Local annual consumption of the staple commodity is estimated at 22,000 tons. Olive oil mills open their doors by the middle of the month as the harvest season starts. Industry officials said they expect a 16 kg (> 35 lbs) can of olive oil will be sold at about JD65 (< $92.00 US).”

May the sun shine through your branches.


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