Olive Crazy: All About Olives and Olive Oil
Aug 172012

The youngest of Olive Crazy’s little olives is back home after a fun summer with his Mom. This week he started 8th grade and is working on that age-old assignment, “Write an essay about what you did this summer.” As a sympathetic gesture to my young olive and because I feel guilty for not writing much, I have assigned Olive Crazy the same task.

What I did this summer by Olive Crazy

This summer was a blur of activities, some pleasant and others not-so-much. In the not-so-much category are moving, unpacking boxes, decorating, registering kids for school, and missing a whole week of the Tour de France.

In the pleasant category are seeing my eldest son graduate from Army Basic Training, going on a long-overdue honeymoon with Mr. Olive Crazy, visiting my Mom and sibs in Tampa and Clearwater, goofing off, attending the Sensory Evaluation Master Class at UC Davis, making new friends, and watching the Tour de France.

As summers go, this has been a good one.


My inner teacher just gave me an F on this assignment. She said it was too short. I told her I had lots more to say but if I did, the essay would be too long. We reached a compromise. I agreed to get back to work writing stories and sharing insights on Olive Crazy.

School’s back in and so is Olive Crazy.

May the sun shine through your branches.


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