Olive Crazy: All About Olives and Olive Oil
Jun 102012

A few weeks ago I opened my email and there it was, another taste-testing class opportunity at UC Davis. I read all about it and then pondered whether or not to attend. Finally I mentioned it to Mr. Olive Crazy. Instead of sympathy for my problems (see my article “My Dark Secret“) he just called me a wimp.

I have a physical reaction to nasty foods and flavors and am terrified that during the negative-attributes tasting I will embarrass myself.

Here is the transcript of our conversation:

OC: There’s a Sensory Evaluation Master Class at UC Davis on July 27 and 28. It looks interesting.

Mr. OC: (not looking up from the ESPN app on his iPhone) You’re really thinking of going?

OC: Wellllll. I don’t know.

Mr. OC: (still looking at baseball scores) You’re a wimp.

OC: (temporarily stunned since I’ve never been called a wimp) But, but I …

Mr. OC: (passionately jabbing his phone screen) I thought you wanted to take the UC Davis Milling Courses this fall?

OC: (now sensing a trap) Yeah?

Mr. OC: Don’t millers taste the oil they’re producing?

OC: Well yeah.

Mr. OC: (looking up from his phone) So go sign up. I’ve been looking for a flight for you.

Conceding defeat to my left-brained husband who knows me very well, I went straight to the computer and signed up. I wondered if I should pinch a few air sick bags from the plane when I arrive or if one would be enough.

May the sun shine through your branches.


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  1. have fun!

  2. have fun!!! Sounds interesting and like an adventure to me!

    • Thanks Pam. I am excited. I’m glad Tom gave me the nudge I needed. Btw did you notice I used your ‘left brain’ reference?

  3. Sounds like a weekend roadtrip. Very interesting!

  4. Hi Mary, your article had me rolling with laughter!!

    • Yay I’m glad. Tom got me good. It didn’t even take him but a few minutes to lead me down the path he wanted me to go, and he was right. We’re like a comedy routine in real life anyway. We keep the kids laughing.

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