Olive Crazy: All About Olives and Olive Oil
Jun 072012

I just love harvesting equipment and my favorite is the Colossus mechanized olive harvester. I don’t think we’ve used any of the MaqTec olive harvesters in the US yet, but I know that the Colossus mechanized orange harvester is used in Florida.

These harvesters are enormous and what I like best about them is that they allow olive growers to plant and harvest more olive varieties than just the few that are available on the small (super-high density) side. This makes for a greater variety of table olives and olive oils in the countries that grow them.

So here is the MaqTec video for the Colossus S, the S stands for the sensors used to detect the trunk of the olive tree as the Colossus passes over. I hope you enjoy the video and the sexy club music sound track.

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May the sun shine through your branches.


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