Olive Crazy: All About Olives and Olive Oil
Mar 162012

Last Christmas I wrote an article about a party I attended in Savannah, Georgia and the guests who were factlessly expounding on biodiesel. It was a great opportunity to introduce you to some well-written articles about biodiesel from Dr. Luis F. Razon for The Philippine Star.

Dr. Razon is a full professor of chemical engineering at De La Salle University. His papers on the dynamics and stability of chemically-reacting systems are some of the best-cited papers in chemical engineering literature. He served in the food industry for 14 years, launching several important new products for a major, international, nutritional, products company. He returned to academe in 2001 and is pursuing research in chemical reactor engineering, alternative fuels, and life-cycle assessment.

There are four articles in the series. I can’t do them justice by reprinting them. I will give you the title of the series and of each article, and will provide a link to each article. If you are interested in biodiesel as a fuel consumer or as an olive grower or olive oil producer these articles are a must read. In the modern business world and in the modern olive industry vertical solutions for all challenges from sources to waste streams are imperative.

Biokubo: The search for an alternative feedstock for biodiesel by Dr. Luis F. Razon

(Notes: I cannot find a definition for biokubo but have emailed Dr. Razon and hope to hear from him soon. You will read references to a plant called Jatropha. It is a plant that is being grown in the south Pacific for several reasons including as a biodiesel feedstock.)

Part I. Why do we need an alternative?

Part II. The candidates: Plants and animals

Part III. The candidates: Used cooking oil and microalgae

Part IV. The future

May the sun shine through your branches.


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