Olive Crazy: All About Olives and Olive Oil
Mar 062012

Extra virgin olive oil is a part of my family’s daily life. During my reading for Olive Crazy I see all kinds of ways people use olive oil. Lately, the early spring has me taking over-the-counter medications to dry up my sniffles. It seems like no matter how much water I drink I can’t moisturize my mouth and throat. As a result I sleep poorly and snore worse than usual.

A couple nights ago, before sleeping, I was using my bedside bottle of California Olive Ranch Everyday California Extra Virgin Olive Oil to moisturize my face and body. I screwed on the bottle cap and thought how I would spend another miserable night all dried up and snoring. I looked at the bottle I was just getting ready to set down and Eureka – I had an idea. I unscrewed the cap to the COR evoo, took a swig, settled in, and promptly fell asleep.

The next morning when I woke I realized that I had slept through the night. I didn’t wake up once for a drink of water. Also, I didn’t have that crappy, groggy feeling you get when you’ve snored horribly all night.

I had another day of medications and tried the olive oil swig again, with the same results. I hope I’ve stumbled on to another benefit of extra virgin olive oil. I have another dry night ahead, so we’ll see.

May the sun shine through your branches.


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