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Feb 112012

Have you ever kept a tab in your browser open as a reminder to read an article or look at a website? I have and do it too much. The tabs get really tiny and then the reason for having the tab open in the first place, a memory jogger, diminishes since I can’t read the tab content. The tab for the Business Wire article, Research and Markets: Antioxidants from Olive Waste – Patent and Technology Report – Key Players, Innovators and Industry Analysis Focuses On Finding the Key Innovators and the Industry, has been open for almost a month now and it’s time to close it.

Personally, I love research articles, but not being a scientist or scientific researcher, I can’t synthesize them and do them justice. For the last year I’ve been getting my research analysis fixes from Australian wine and olive oil scientist, Richard Gawel, but he’s been busy gardening. Hurry back Richard from your dirt worshiping – I’m jonesing.

Olive and olive oil producing countries are on the rise and so is the need to reuse, recycle, or repurpose olive waste and byproducts. There are many challenges and opportunities in this area. The company that authored this pr piece linked above, Dolcera, is a patent and market research company. Their “report focuses on finding the key innovators and the industry ecosystem through relevant patents, clinical trials and university data encompassing research in the commercially viable area of producing antioxidants from olive wastes and their applications in different fields.”

What that means in real people talk is – if you’re looking to make money in olive waste and byproducts they will help you. And, of course, they will make some money too. If you are interested in making money off the antioxidants left over from olive waste and byproducts then you will need to buy their report before determining if this is what you want to do. Or you can just try to do it anyway. This is always the capitalist conundrum.

At last – I can close the tab. My mouse if poised over the red x and click – the tab is closed. Ahhhhh!

May the sun shine through your branches.

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