Olive Crazy: All About Olives and Olive Oil
Jan 092012

I hadn’t been on an airplane in several years until this Christmas. My Mom had knee surgery and I went to go help her out. I packed and repacked several times trying to get everything in one backpack that I could take on board the plane.

After realizing that potions and lotions take up too much space and that wearing clothes is preferable to clean hair and dewy skin, I resolved my packing dilemma – clothes won. Besides, Mom probably had shampoo and other beauty goodies I could use. She was always the neighborhood “hot Mom” and at 77 has retained a lot of her “hotness” thanks to Estee Lauder.

It turned out to be a good thing that I didn’t pack any health and beauty items since I forgot about TSA (Transportation Security Administration) rules. I would have had to sacrifice my value-sized products to the security gods in exchange for the assurance of a safe flight.

While I was on board my first flight I thought about little, tiny containers of shampoo, toothpaste, face creams, and deodorant. Then my mind moved on to tiny-sized containers of food: little jars of jam served at some restaurants; tiny bottles of Tabasco from those particularly atrocious tasting prepackaged meals I ate during Army field exercises; and shot-sized bottles of booze that were collecting on the tray of the guy sitting next to me in the airplane. Oddly enough, tiny olive oil bottles did not cross my mind – until…

I was going through my Google Alerts a couple weeks later and found this link to a question in a Backpacking Light forum. A hiker wanted to find tiny packets of evoo for the 2012 hiking season. The response led him (and me) to what I now consider the coolest webstore on the planet – Minimus.

Minimus is a wonderland of tiny stuff and I love tiny stuff. I was that little girl who had several tiny sets of China and bakeware, and I used them. Not a month went by when I didn’t bake some scary, multi-colored (loved food dye too) treat for my beloved parents to sample. My favorite was the purple and green salt and sugar cake. Dad pretended to taste it, but I ate the whole thing – mmmmm.

Back to the hiker forum – I did a little research on why this guy might have wanted evoo packets. I found an article on the Minimus blog about a Dad and 11 year old daughter who were going on an extended hike. The Dad was a seasoned hiker and even though he knows that hikers need lots and lots of calories each day, the monotony of little variety made it hard to actually eat. That made a lot of sense.

Here is the link on Minimus to the little bottles and packets of extra virgin and flavored olive oils. Whether you need to improve an airplane meal (do they feed people anymore?) or pack light for any reason, check out all the cool tiny items on Minimus.

May the sun shine through your branches.


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  1. Cute … but they give no particular reason to think the olive oil was any good at the mill, or reasonably fresh, and they’re nearly all in plastic (oxygen-transmitting) containers … If I’m going to bother bringing my own oil through TSA and into the stratosphere (and I do 😉 ), I want it to be for really good oil!

    It’s easy enough to transfer premium EVOO into little glass jars — or if plastic is required, to transfer oil that was *previously* properly-stored into plastic ones (the Minimus bottles look just like airplane liquor bottles) that will only be sucking up air for a week or two …

  2. So true. It is worth the risk for evoo that you know is good. I am sure the security gods will forgive your good taste.

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