Olive Crazy: All About Olives and Olive Oil
Dec 212011

I discovered this holiday season that I am on the verge of becoming that terrifying cocktail party attendee known as “The Righteous Bloviator”. The Righteous Bloviator has a greater than average knowledge of certain subjects, looks for opportunities to expound on that knowledge to those even slightly interested, and pompously shuts down commentary from those whom The Righteous Bloviator deems to be of inferior knowledge. While I am not actually a Righteous Bloviator, I know that one lurks inside of me (and most people) waiting to impress others while suppressing uneducated dissent. And just how did I come to this harsh realization about myself?

After reading the articles below and already having a greater than average knowledge of the world of olives and olive oil I stepped forth into the Savannah holiday cocktail party scene (not to be confused with the Savannah daily cocktail party scene). My first stop was to the home of a dear and extremely liberal friend. The Savannah liberal elite were there and most were good and drunk by the time I arrived. I made my way around her home hugging, kissing and searching for someone I could actually stand to talk to for more than a few minutes. At last, with a tolerable Cabernet in hand, I found my target, a well-known and revered restauranteur, who I’ve known since he was none of those things. I sat down with him and his wife and talked about craft beers, food purveyors, good olives, and other topics we enjoy. It was time to refresh our drinks so we split up and headed back to mingle land.

Across from the bar was a crowd of frisky libs all talking loudly and boisterously about Georgia’s recent olive harvest, alternative fuels, and other subjects. As I poured some more tolerable Cab into my glass I cringed at some of the comments uttered and then – The Righteous Bloviator inside me awoke. I whirled and stepped into the midst of the ill-informed to right wrongs and correct inaccuracies.

Okay, I didn’t go nuts and actually caught myself before I was rude and pompous, but it was hard.

Here are links to three very interesting articles printed in The Philippine Star by De La Salle University Professor of Chemical Engineering, Luis F. Razon. The fourth article in the series should be out next week.

Links to his more in depth research are available, as you will see in the articles. I learned a lot from Dr. Razon’s research and other research on biodiesel feedstock I found subsequent to reading Dr. Razon’s articles. Learn, enjoy and watch out for The Righteous Bloviator.

Biokubo: The search for an alternative feedstock for biodiesel

Part I. Why do we need an alternative?

Part II. The candidates: Plants and animals

Part III. The candidates: Used cooking oil and microalgae

May the sun shine through your branches.


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  1. A very good one and I must say I have missed out on the Christmas parties this year. Well Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas from Mr. Olive Crazy.

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