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Nov 132011

Every day I read lots of material about the olive, some from books and others from the internet. Each week I share with you the articles, recipes, research documents, and other information I find on the internet. Most of it is very interesting and some of it inspires me to write an article or two of my own. None of these links are in any way my opinion or are endorsed by me. I am sharing.

Olive Links of the Week

Journalist Tom Mueller will hold the world release of his new book  Extra Virginity: The Sublime and Scandalous World of Olive Oil on November 29, 2011 from 5:30 to 7:30 pm at the UC Davis Conference Center. Click here for more information and here to make reservations.

Spain’s Olive Harvest Marked by Lower Yields, Too Many Workers
The Olive Oil Times
Spain is poised to harvest olives, but did adverse weather conditions effect oil flavor and quality?

In Dookie, cream of the crop sows seeds of innovation
The Age
Olives aren’t new to Australia. Dookie agricultural college in northern Victoria has a 110 year old olive grove just inside it’s front gate.

Cambridge, Massachusetts award-winning restaurant EVOO is hiring dinner line cooks.
Craig’s List Boston
I wish I saw this sooner. Quick – send in your resume.

Of bio and brothels
The American Magazine
Find out about “bio” and what it means. Also, here’s another recipe for Spaghetti alla puttanesca.

Syria expects Record Olive Oil Production
Day Press News
Even though olives and olive oil are staples of the Syrian diet harvesting is woefully antiquated.

Syria Expects Record Olive Oil Production Amid Political Unrest
The Olive Oil Times
More on Syria.

Olea Farm olive oil is a growing biz
San Luis Obispo The Tribune
Clotilde Julien, owner of Olea Farm in Templeton California and her husband, Yves Julien have started a new business, Mill on Wheels. This mobile mill can process about two tons of olives an hour.

Dress up summer salads
Adelaide Now
Here are some salad dressings for those of you on the planetary southside who are now enjoying fresh vegies and for those of us on the northside who need to add some flavor to the hydroponically-grown greens now on display at the grocery.

A short guide to oil dressings
Teatro Naturale International
A new olive oil guide from authors Luigi Caricato and chef, Giuseppe Capano.

NOW EAT THIS: Rocco DiSpirito says you can have your cordon bleu and eat it, too
The Washington Post Lifestyle section
Chicken cordon bleu rollups – the butter is replaced with olive oil.

Olive oil flows at Pacific Sun Farms on annual community day
Corning Observer
Pacific Sun Farms doesn’t commercially grow olives but they will press them for folks on community day.

New olive oil regulations
Weekly Times Now
Australia’s new olive oil standard inspires others around the world.

Get the facts on fats
The Kansas City Star
Eat your monounsaturated fats.

Will the real Extra-Virgin Olive Oil please stand up!
Melting Pot Tours
An olive oil tour in California.

Olive oil prices stall
Weekly Times Now
Food prices going up, but not olive oil.

The Art of Olive Oil Tasting
Just Luxe
Hold an olive oil tasting.

The International Olive Council will host a seminar on olive cultivation systems and olive oil quality at it’s Madrid headquarters from December 12th to 16th, 2011.

For olive farmers, Eid holiday an opportunity to harvest
The Jordan Times
Kids are off school for the eight day holiday so more harvesting can get done.

May the sun shine through your branches.


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  1. Hi Mary! I’ve just discovered your blog; it’s really great! I enjoy reading your what you’ve written here and will be a reader of your blog from now on. And, thank you for the link to Tom Mueller’s book release event. He is a terrific speaker.

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