Oct 062011

In my article “A Little Olive Tree In Tampa” I wrote about my brother, Joe’s, exciting news – his little olive tree had ripening olives on it. He was thrilled and so was I. For some of us city folk growing something you can potentially eat is very exciting.

Joe asked me to find him some olive curing recipes and I did. Instead of picking the olives right away, Joe decided to wait until he returned from a combo business and pleasure trip. The harvest had to wait. And then …

A few nights ago my phone rang. It was Joe. He usually doesn’t call me at night so the first thing I think is “something’s wrong”, and it was.

Joe: I have bad news.

Mary: What? (thinking someone died – I go straight to the worst scenario possible)

Joe: When I got back from North Carolina, all the olives on my tree were gone.

Mary: Hunh? (still not comprehending that the bad news is related to the little olive tree and not a dead family member)

Joe: My olive tree – all the olives are gone.

Mary: (finally with it) Where did they go?

Joe: That’s just it. There nowhere to be found – vanished.

Mary: Is there any evidence that an animal ate them?

Joe: No. There isn’t so much as a pit anywhere.

Mary: Wow. That’s weird. What do you think happened?

Joe: I don’t know. Maybe a really big bird ate them, seeds and all, then pooped the seeds out somewhere else. I just don’t know.

Well neither does Olive Crazy. Olive trees don’t usually grow in Tampa so there isn’t much to work with. I must admit I did have visions of Velociraptor-like birds swooping through Tampa on their way back to “Jurassic Park”, which is located somewhere in South America, and stopping for a snack. If any of you real olive growing folks have an idea what happened to Joe’s olives, we would like to know.

May the sun shine through your branches.