Sep 232011

This week the Shaw Orchards and Georgia Olive Farms has harvested the first commercial olive crop in the state of Georgia in several hundred years. Here are photos of this historic event.

The photos for this occasion were taken by photographer and citrus procurer, Thomas K. Mack. I wonder if he is related to the famous Florida citrus educator, Thomas B. Mack?

I met Mr. Mack, Thomas B., when I was a little girl, while travelling with my Dad. Back in the early 1960’s, my Dad was a Water Engineer (chemical treatment) for the Florida agriculture industry. Dad used to take me on the road with him in those years before I started Kindergarten.

We travelled all over Florida, visiting citrus groves and flower farms. Dad always formally introduced me to all the growers, inspectors, and other guys we came across at the different groves and farms. That’s were I learned how to shake hands and converse with adults – which turned out to be very handy for when I entered politics. Thanks Dad.

My most vivid memories of those farm trips were of eating fresh citrus, just off the trees, standing in fields of chrysanthemums taller than me, and Dad and I making up songs about our adventures. That’s how I remembered Mr. Mack – we sang a song about him. Now to the photos.

May the sun shine through your branches.