Olive Crazy: All About Olives and Olive Oil
Sep 132011

Last evening in NYC, the International Olive Council (IOC) hosted an event during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. The event was the promotion of the IOC’s US olive oil campaign, Add Some Life. There were cars, clothes, celebrities, and delicious foods. What I thought was missing was a gorgeous line of disposable bibs for the smartly-dressed participants. I am always looking out for my fellow dribblers and splatterers.

For those of us who may enjoy fashion from afar, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week is showcasing the Spring 2012 Collections. I took a peak at the collections and they look great. Sadly, it is still hot as blue blazes here in the southeastern US and I am impatiently waiting to wear my meager, winter wardrobe before I can think about spring attire.

Back to olive oil … I must admit I don’t like the IOC’s promotional slogan, Add Some Life. I get it – life = health = delicious, but it is dull and could just as easily work for air fresheners. The IOC’s plan is to use this campaign in the biggest US food purchase and consumption market, the east coast. They want us east coasters to buy and consume more olive oil – olive oil that is specifically from the main IOC member countries. Those countries still have lots of oil hanging around in storage from the last few harvests. Now the market reports indicate a possible surplus in 2012 after the winter harvests. What’s a country in economic turmoil to do? Why not launch a confusing public relations campaign? Done.

May the sun shine through your branches.


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