Sep 072011

After the frantic call from my brother about his prematurely maturing (sorry for the redundancy) olives, the few olives that had ripened already fell off and the rest though not ripe are too small to harvest. Problem solved. Harvesting of the little Tampa olive tree will commence in another month. Joe’s need for an immediate olive curing fix has subsided.

I took my time and found lots of olive curing recipes. I also found a lot of videos, but didn’t like them so much. Here are some of my favorite olive curing techniques for Joe and all of you to try. Cure 0n!

Kevin Weeks from Kevin Weeks’ Seriously Good Food has a great method for “Curing Olives“. Kevin’s method is geared toward the person without a lot of space or time to fool around with curing.

I am somewhat reluctant to put up the link to this website since it is very busy. Busy is annoying. BUT – there are several good recipes here so check it out – “Olive Curing Recipes“.

Here is another good website for curing olives – and the article is “Olive Curing Recipe“. Take note of the garlic recommendation. The author recommends jarred garlic instead of fresh. That’s good to know.

Gems in Israel’s “Olive Recipes” provides several olive curing recipes and a recipe for tapenade. The recipes are easy to follow.

Save some for me Joe. I can’t wait to try them.

May the sun shine through your branches.