Olive Crazy: All About Olives and Olive Oil
Aug 222011

If you read my articles you’ll know that food safety is a big deal for me. Thanks to recent personal events my focus on the food safety aspects of olive and olive oil processing, transportation, adulteration, etc. are going to get the volume turned up.

I just spent a week in the hospital after contracting salmonella enteritis while in California. I am fortunate to have received a quick response and excellent care from Dr. Uwakwe and the staff at Piedmont Hospital. I am alive and all my organs are intact. Whew!

So, where and when did I get salmonella? Unfortunately it is hard to say exactly where and when. I started to become sick while in California, about a month ago, but further detail is difficult. Dr. Uwakwe said it was my good health that kept me from showing extreme symptoms earlier than a few weeks after contracting the disease. But it is certain that I contracted salmonella from food. The best I can do is assume the salmonella bacteria was hanging out on some raw fruit or vegetable since those are the things I ate differently from my family and they are all well.

So here I am am with my new and improved mantra: food safety, food safety, food safety …

Why have strict importation regulations? Food safety.

Why have strict food transportation laws? Food safety.

Why have a no tolerance program for food adulteration? Food safety.

Why make sure that the International Olive Council puts their quality control regulations to work, instead of making excuses for exporters? Food safety.

Lack of food safety maims, kills, and at best comes in the form of a $20,000.00 hospital bill. Snack on that.

May the sun shine through your branches.


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