Olive Crazy: All About Olives and Olive Oil
Jun 212011

How many of us have been taught to plan for success when we engage in any business venture? All – I hope. The same planning requirements hold true for the olive oil business, but I am not seeing success planning taking place in some of the new olive growing regions of the world – those that are hoping to produce and sell extra virgin olive oil and other olive oils.

Growing olives for olive oil production is increasing worldwide and I am surprised at the minimalistic approach to the next step after growing and harvesting by new olive growing regions. One area of concern is the inadequate planning made for milling. Milling is the modern and more accurate term for pressing olives and extracting oil.

Many of the areas now growing olives either have never grown olives for commercial production, or did in the past but not recently. Whether the growers in these regions separately or collectively plan to have their produce milled on their own property, nearby, or are contracted with someone else who will take on the milling and beyond, the facts are that milling operations must be close at hand and sufficient in capacity.

Why is this so important? The oxidation process in the olive begins as soon as it is separated from the tree. In order to get quality olive oil, olives should be milled not much past 24 hours and there are few reliable storage options that do not damage the olive and exacerbate the oxidation process.

The worldwide demand for olive oil is growing, so let’s plan for success and sufficient milling equipment is key.

May the sun shine through your branches.


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