Olive Crazy: All About Olives and Olive Oil
Mar 312011

Remember those movies showing some Greek or Roman guy getting lubricated with olive oil to a) wrestle some other lubricated guy, or b) get scraped with that thingy I’ve seen waiters use to get the crumbs off a tablecloth?The movies always depicted those guys as shiny and greasy looking, so I assumed that using olive oil on my skin would make me look greasy and shiny too, but I was very wrong. Provided you don’t pour a bottle of olive oil over your head and wallow in it, it goes on very smoothly and makes your skin look, feel, and be healthy.

My introduction to using olive oil on my skin was at my brother, Joe’s, house. One night I jumped in the guest bathroom shower got all wet and noticed there wasn’t any soap. I peaked out the curtain and spotted some golden, square, potato chip-sized soaps attractively displayed on the back of the toilet. Without worrying that I might be messing up one of those don’t-use-just-look soap displays I grabbed a few and went to scrubbing. After my bath I didn’t feel dry and residuey like soap sometimes makes me feel, but sort of smooth. I made sure for the rest of my visit to use up all the cute little soaps and then hid the container under the sink. My crime went unnoticed.

A few years later I was at Joe’s 40th birthday party and met the man who made those soaps. His name is Steve Henley and he is the Head Soap Maker at his company, Henley Natural Brands, LLC. The soaps had been a house warming gift for my brother. I asked Steve about the soaps and told him how good they made my skin feel. Steve told me they were made with olive oil. I was surprised. A few days later he gave me some sample bars of the olive oil, avocado oil, and lavender soaps. All were wonderful, but for different reasons.

Over time Steve and I became friends and he told me the story of how a mild-mannered IT guy came to be a soap maker. Since he was a child, Steve had super-sensitive skin and store-bought soaps and creams just didn’t do the trick. He started experimenting with making his own soaps and using them on himself and his skin sensitivity issues diminished dramatically.

No this is not a paid endorsement. I am a fan of Steve’s soaps, and because of Steve I added another olive oil product to my Olive Craziness.

May the sun shine through your branches.


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